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Filling Out a Medical Form

Professional Registered Nurse Assessment Services

What We Do

Back Nine Nurses perform assisted living community comprehensive nursing assessments for prospective residents in order for communities to determine their ability to meet resident needs. We utilize each assisted living community’s specific assessment tool. 

Why Choose Back Nine Nurses

We are experienced assisted living and memory care registered nurses, professionally trained in Massachusetts assisted living regulations, assisted living assessments, and service plan development.

Benefits of teaming with Back Nine Nurses for prospective resident assessments include:

Areas are identified that demonstrate where prospective residents could benefit from interventions or supports being added to the service plan in order for the prospective resident to be successful in your community

All aspects of care needs, resident specific characteristics and diagnostic criteria are identified

Resident Care Directors are able to utilize the completed assessment to develop personalized, detailed, initial service plans

Resident Care Directors are able to remain on-site, benefitting residents and staff with their valuable, physical presence 

Back Nine Nurses prospective resident assessments enable assisted living communities to develop personalized, detailed service plans that:

Describe the resident’s strengths and specify best methods to nurture them

Describe the resident’s individualized care needs, preferences for receiving care, and descriptors for associates to provide care

Describe medication specifics including the need for SAMM or LMA

Detail fall interventions for residents assessed to be at moderate to high risk for falls

Detail cueing needs and specific verbal and nonverbal cueing strategies

Provide all additional demographic and resident specifics, based on your assisted living community’s assessment tool

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