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Concierge Services

What we do

We provide free consultations to seniors and families interested in exploring Assisted Living options in Massachusetts. Families are welcome to utilize our full range of concierge services, or Back Nine Nurses can tailor a plan to meet your priorities and budget. We do not require or request any signed contracts or commitments from seniors, families or assisted living communities.

Why seniors and families seek professional assistance when exploring assisted living options

Assisted living communities are unique settings that differ in cost, levels of care, types of assistive devices, ownership, size, policies and procedures, management styles, staffing, culture, safety strategies and building design. These factors can result in vast differences from one community to another. 

What Makes Us Different?

Our services, advocacy and education continue beyond your move in day! We are experienced Assisted Living and Memory Care Registered Nurses and Certified Dementia Practitioners, professionally trained in health assessments, service plan development, daily operations and Massachusetts Regulations. We provide concierge services before, during and after a transition into your new Community. This process allows us to deliver a comprehensive experience with ultimate peace of mind.

Back Nine Nurses offers the following services:


A free 30-minute consultation to learn about your unique situation 


Performing assisted living nursing health assessments to evaluate the following areas: medications, mental status, neurocognitive status, psychosocial status, elopement risk, fall potential, mobility/ambulation, bathing, dressing, toileting and personal hygiene. We will document diagnoses, demographics, diets and additional information. Collectively, this information assists in identifying communities that are best able to meet your needs.


Identification of assisted living communities that most closely align with your identified needs based on the assessment, goals, desired geographic location, and budget


Arranging tours, we’ll attend together the most appropriate communities; post-visit review provided


Customized questions to address during tours based on the individualized assessment as well as our nursing knowledge regarding assisted living day-to-day operations and Massachusetts regulations


Assistance with compiling the necessary paperwork prior to moving into a community


Review of the Service Plan generated by the Community to ensure the incorporation of your initial assessment findings, goals, needs and preferences


Follow-up with residents and families within thirty days of commencement of residency to ensure that current services and preferences are being fulfilled; we will advocate accordingly


Self-advocacy education provided for residents and families in order to promote continued health and wellness in your new Community

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