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Your Nurses

kristen hyde
Kristen Hyde, RN, BSN, CDP

I felt the desire to become a nurse early in life thanks to the strong influence of my parents. I always admired the shared devotion they had toward their careers and children. My mother is a retired nurse who served in our military and my father is a retired cardiologist. I received my nursing training and education from St. Anselm College, earning my BSN in 1997. 


I then began working as a nurse on a Medical-Surgical unit at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston. I eventually moved to Cape Cod (where I summered throughout my childhood) and continued my nursing career at Falmouth Hospital working on the Pediatric and Maternity Units. 


I always envisioned having a large family. My wish came true, as my husband and I are the proud parents of eight amazing children. Yes, eight children with no adoptions, no twins or triplets:)  As you can imagine, it’s been a busy and entertaining life filled with carpools, volunteer opportunities, sporting events, hosting our children’s friends, a lot of laughter and the list goes on. 


In my leisure time, I enjoy skiing with my family in Vermont and getting in an occasional round of golf. Fun fact: My father who has always been an avid golfer, authored a book entitled The Golf Doc: Health, Humor, and Insight to Improve your Game. He was fortunate to have Chi Chi Rodriguez write the foreword! I hope to get out and play more in the future as it’s a lifelong sport that I can enjoy alongside my children who play now as well.


My most recent area of nursing has been in Assisted Living and Memory Care. I can honestly say that working with seniors and their families has been the most rewarding aspect of my entire career. My work as a nurse in the assisted living community environment has afforded me the opportunity to hear seniors’ life stories, appreciate their wisdom, and value their experiences. At the end of the day, through working in this environment, my “family” has been enlarged and enriched. 


The knowledge that I have gained working as an Assisted Living and Memory Care nurse is something that I’m excited to share with seniors and families across Massachusetts. I look forward to meeting you and helping you navigate the process of choosing a Community that’s right for you. 

deb okelly
Deborah O'Kelly, RN, BSN, CDP

After having my two children, Emma and Timmy, my nurturing instincts skyrocketed! Becoming a nurse, at that point, felt like a true “calling.” I’m grateful to have learned the profession later in life as I was able to tie in countless life experiences with my education and training.


After earning my BSN, I happily chose to focus my nursing career on helping the older adult population. The choice felt natural thanks to the love and strong bonds I enjoyed growing up next door to my amazing grandparents and later assisting with their care needs. 


I’ve been a Registered Nurse in the areas of Short Term Rehabilitation and Long Term Care as well as Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities. Additionally, I served as the Assistant Director of the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program through Elder Services of Cape Cod & the Islands where I worked to protect the rights of seniors through advocacy. 


My work with seniors as both a nurse in the assisted living community environment and as an ombudsman in long-term care settings, has ultimately been the most gratifying. Within these settings, I’ve been able to devote quality time developing and nurturing my relationships with seniors as well as their families. Many of the individuals that I’ve been fortunate to help, have spent their lives working incredibly hard in their careers while dedicating themselves to their families. I believe the senior population deserves the very best of our time, attention, compassion, and care, all of which I feel truly honored to provide. 


In my leisure time, I try to get in as many golf rounds as possible. Fun fact: In my younger life, I worked as an Assistant Golf Professional in the Boston area as well as in Naples, FL. Although my passion for golf is just as strong today, these days I play to around a 12 handicap and I’m happy when my hybrids get airborne!:) 


Now that my oldest is in college (Go Badgers!) and my youngest is busy playing on a golf team and getting ready to graduate, I look forward to sharing the nursing knowledge and advocacy skills that I’ve acquired with families throughout Massachusetts. I look forward to meeting and working closely with all of you as we explore Assisted Living and Memory Care options together.  

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